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Simon Sammut and Omar Vázquez have managed to combine their ideas and interact through them, generating a sonorous diversity of electric, acoustic basses, fretless and upright bass; in addition to other instruments as a drums, piano, guitar, trumpet, flute, voice and flamenco cajon. The collaboration has produced the album "Gravity" which involves musicians from Malta and Mexico. The album covers different sonorities and styles like jazz fusion, funk, latin, world music among others. Music Composed by Simon Sammut and Omar Vázquez Featuring the following musicians:

Omar Vázquez - Bass

Simon Sammut - Bass

Citlalli Toledo - Voice (Track 5, 6)

Osiel Barrios - Guitar (Track 8)

David Caspeta - Drums and cajón flamenco (Tracks 4, 6, 8)

Cipriano Izquierdo - Flute (Track 4)

Emilio Palacios - Flute (Track 7)

Kris Spiteri - Piano/keyboards (Tracks 3, 4)

Melchior Busuttil - Drums (Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7)

Kevin Abela - Trumpet (Track 3)

Jonathan Ellul - Guitar (Track 5)

Produced and Recorded by Simon Sammut and Omar Vázquez

Duplication and printing: Reciprocal Records

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